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Shop online for a spectacular selection of Mezuzah Cases and Mezuzah scrolls from a trusted source. We’ve been selling Mezuzah Cases and Scrolls for over 15 years featuring specially designed casings made in Israel by special Israeli artists.

Every Jewish home requires a mezuzah scroll on every doorpost and every room and bedroom in the house. This is a halachic requirement to hang a mezuzah scroll of the Shema Yisrael (first 2 paragraphs) as commanded in the torah written on authentic parchment. G-d’s protection resides in the home protecting of untold negative issues. Many people have personal accounts of both positive results for having posted a mezuzah on their doorpost and negative reprecussions of missing a mezuzah or having an invalid non kosher mezuzah scroll. The scroll must be on parchment and written by a scribe carefully not to have any cracks in letters or missing letters. It’s crucial. Here at we sell only highly qualified mezuzah scrolls written by certified scribes in Israel.