Mezuzah Scroll

SKU: Mezuzah Scroll
Mezuzah Scroll Parchment
Mezuzah Scroll Parchment
Weight: 10 – 50 grams

Our mezuzah Scroll parchment are the highest quality for your dollar. An excellence par to none, we pride in delivering mezuzah scrolls direct from G_d fearing scribes (Sofrim) in Israel. Exceptionally written by a god fearing scribe in Israel. It is then carefully computer checked twice. Each is numbered to provide a guarantee on that specific parchment. Click on photo for a larger view.

  • x-Small = 6cm
  • Small = 10cm
  • Medium = 12cm
  • Large = 15cm
  • X-Large = 17cm
  • XX-Large = 20cm
Made In: Israel
Ships: Everywhere
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List Price: $65.00
Our Mezuzah Scroll Gift Price: $35.00
Shopping for a parchment for your doorpost is a lot more important than most people think. This is a mitzvah that is clearly listed of the 613 mitzvot a person performs personally. Moreover, it is one of only 69 positive mitzvot that is a Jew can perform today practically before the building of the Beit Hamikdash and outlined by the Hofetz Chaim’s booklet of mitzvot applicable today.

Mezuzah Story

 Stories abound of the power of a proper well written parchment on the door of a home and room to protect the incumbent. One of my favorites is a true story of a boy that rather suddenly diagnosed with an eye issue, required immediate surgery with minimal chance of saving eye sight. The father distraught, pacing endlessly decides to have the boy’s room parchment scroll checked and in the middle of the night calls his sofer for immediate attention. The sofer surprisingly and unknowing finally agreed to check right away and the sofer finds that the letter ayin in  the phrase “between your eyes” incorrectly written.

The letter ‘ayin’ is actually an ‘eye’. The father immediately returns and reaffixes the mezuzah up on his son’s room.The following day checking in for surgery, the doctor examines one last time and to his surprise it didn’t quite look the same as the day before. He requests to delay surgery a day. The following day the condition improves and surgery further delayed. A few days later the eye was fully cured and no surgery performed.

Our store delivers real quality scrolls at a quality level not available elsewhere.

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