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Seven Branch Menorah (Candelabra)

The 7 branch menorah is the original biblical menorah that stood in the mishkan (the temporary temple the people of Israel traveled with in the desert) and both of the people of Israel’s temples in Jerusalem. It was lit every day by the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) with olive oil. The making of the Menorah is described in great detail in the bible – it is famous for being made of one piece of solid gold. It was decorated with unique ornaments detailed in the bible. 

Thus it is different from the 9 branch menorahs that we light today on Hannuka that symbolize the eight days of the reanointing the temple in the time of the Macabees. 

Historically, the biblical menorah appears on all manner of archeological artifacts from Israel such as coins, houses, synagogues, pottery and more. It has therefore become a symbol of the Jewish nation as a whole and is featured today on the official symbol of the State of Israel, along with olive branches on either side. A beautiful model of the 7 branch menorah can be see on the front lawn of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament. 

Today temple menorahs can be seen decorating the entrances or rooftops of synagogues and Jewish sites around the world. 

We offer a selection of classic or modern designed temple menorahs in brass, silver, silver-plated, nickel, and aluminium – for oil and for electric bulbs. Many carry special inscriptions such as the 12 Tribes of Israel or the Stone Tablets (Luchot Habrit). 

Biblical menorahs are often bought as generous donations to one’s synagogue (shul) or local Jewish center, museum, cemetery, or other site. Show off your pride with one of the People of Israel’s most recognized symbols. Shop Ahuva today for a 7 Branch Menorah for your home or local Jewish center!

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