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Kiseh Shel Eliyahu. Luxury seat for Sandak and mohel’s ceremony furnished in Synagogues Temples and Shuls Luxury furniture for your mohel, sandak used for the ritual. A beautiful addition and gift idea by any one expecting to give to the Synagogoue . Each chair can be dedicated with a name plaque. Velvet is available in Maroon or bordeaux or blue. These chairs boast a foot stool highly advantageous when sitting for the circumcision.

Kiseh Shel Eliyahu

Don’t forget to checkout our Newborn gift department for an assortment of brit milah pillows, kippahs, party favors, gift ideas, and much more. Proudly made in Israel these works of art are hand crafted and carved from solid wood with many feature the phrase “זה כסא של אליהו הנביא זכור לטוב” carved right into the wood. Fabulous wood carving designs and workmanship adorn each chair’s beauty and royalty fit for a Kisseh to adorn your shul. Special trays may pull out from the side to be used by the Mohel to prepare his utensils for the ritual

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