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In Israel an occassional Roman Glass vessel is found intact or almost so. These artifacts  belong to the people of Israel and are housed in museums across the holyland. Much of the ancient glass found while still beautiful and meaningful, remains unidentified. As a result, government licensed antiquities dealers are permitted to sell these pieces which are in turn used in Roman Glass jewelry. 

Ancient and beautiful in hues of ocean blue and green stones these beautiful fragments once part of a lip of a vase or base of a goblet in Ancient Israel is created by a designer into a stunning piece of Roman Glass jewelry. Roman glass jewelry pendants, earrings and bracelets are designed to highlight the beauty of the Roman Glass and honor its resistence through time. Typically found in shades of aqua, blue, and almost clear shards, Roman Glass is set in sterling silver or 14k gold settings which accentuate its beauty. Earrings hang beautifully from the ears catching the light as the wearer moves. Roman Glass pendants look beautiful against any skin tone in lovely Judaic jewelry designs.

Roman Glass Necklaces Pendants and Rings

Our Roman Glass Jewelry is a gift to be cherished forever. Roman Glass Jewelry features bracelets rings and necklaces set with choice stone roman glass stones cut, each with it’s own uniqueness. Roman glass jewelry features beautiful iridescence color – a shimmering rainbow-like set of colors and light encrustation of the surface of the glass to produce gorgeous jewelry necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings

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